Induces mucosal healing (secondary endpoint)

Induces mucosal healing (secondary endpoint)

As an oral therapy, ZEPOSIA induces mucosal healing in UC1*

Secondary endpoint: Mucosal healing (endoscopic improvement plus histologic remission) at week 10 (induction period) and at week 52 (maintenance period).1*

In the TRUE NORTH study, ZEPOSIA demonstrated mucosal healing as defined by the combination of endoscopic improvement** and histological remission1†

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Adapted from Sandborn WJ et al. 2021.

*Mucosal healing was defined as both Mayo endoscopic score ≤ 1 without friability and histological remission (Geboes score <2.0, indicating no neutrophils in the epithelial crypts or lamina propria, no increase in eosinophils, and no crypt destruction, erosions, ulcerations, or granulation tissue).
**Endoscopic improvement was defined as a Mayo endoscopic score ≤1 without friability.
Histologic remission was defined as a mucosal endoscopy score of ≤1 and a Geboes score of <2.0 (on a scale from 0 to 5.4, with higher scores indicating more severe inflammation).
CI, confidence interval; ITT, intention-to-treat.


  1. Sandborn WJ et al. NEJM 2021; 385(14):1280–1291.

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